After running a blog on this domain since 2006, 13 years later, it’s time for this space to be re-imagined!

This is me.  This is my spot on the internet.

Sorry to all you other Jeff Whiteside’s.  I am the real one, on the internet anyway.

And this is the kind of stuff I do:

  • Network Engineer
  • Tinkerer & Maker
  • Semi Pro Gardener
  • Homebrewer & Fermentation Enthusiast
  • Technical Guru & Amateur Developer
  • Homesteader & Rural Advocate

I am interested in many things.  You could call me a polymath and in some ways, a truth seeker.  I enjoy depth of understanding when it comes to our world.

West Coast Best Coast

My life has taken an interesting path, from place to place throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains Range.  Born into a big city, I have steadily pursued more rural living throughout my life.

City living never really made sense to me, once I learned you could live on the fringes and have some space.

Today, I’m homesteading on 2 acres within the beautiful, and brutally cold, Interior of Alaska.

I live, not figuratively, at the edge of civilization.

My environment is such that I have to take an active stake in my own survival at all times.  Not from disaster or adverse event, but from an extreme climate.  The interest of survival is constantly tested here.

I love it.  It makes me feel alive, like I never have.

It isn’t perfect, it never is.

But I do feel aligned, in so many ways.  With my passions, my creations and through my community.  More people know me by my creations than by who I am.  I’m just fine by that.  And I’m glad to finally meet you.