Ron Paul Video Extravaganza!!

In light of my hypocrisy, I’m gonna go a little nutz with the videos here. I particularly liked these videos as they’re an excellent introduction to Ron Paul’s views and political strategies.

Now, for a moment, I want you to pretend that there are no political affiliations and also pretend that you don’t have to vote for the media anointed idiots, such as Hillary, Giuliani, and Obama. For just a second, let’s pretend that the most pressing issues facing our country are not a woman’s right to choose, the death penalty, and faux religious affiliation. Let’s look at this coming election from the big picture.

Where are we at? If you’re paying attention, you might have noticed that a National ID card, designed to track our every move, is being shoved down our throats in 2009. We’re being lead into a surveillance-laden police state, hell bent on destroying our civil liberties and freedom, all in the name of perceived (not actual) safety. We’re fighting a war, ultimately for oil, at an astronomical cost that can neither be maintained nor actually provide us a modicum of national safety. Our financial outlook is bleak with nearly 9 TRILLION dollars of debt and rampant inflation that destroys the middle class and poor’s purchasing power. We have an illegal IRS system that literally destroys people’s lives, all to support a massive government machine, that garners anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of our incomes, month in, month out. Our dismal educational system suffers from continual cutbacks as we shuffle our dollars towards failed foreign policies, petroleum superiority and policing the world in a failed effort to make the world “safe” for Democracy. We’re in a pretty bad way…but there’s hope for America…Ron Paul is running for President in 2008.

With the primaries just around the corner, time is running short for Ron Paul’s ever-growing base of patriots and lovers of liberty to fight like hell with their grass-roots campaigns to get you, the average American, to open up their eyes and see things how they are. With all the political “enemies of the state” that want to continue trodding down this path of reckless abandon and financial ruin, there’s never been a more important time to think outside the party lines and base our decision, not on has-been Republican/Democrat ideologies, but rather what is most important for our nation.

So, with that said, I present you with the core views of the beloved Ron Paul. Remember, forget everything you thought you knew about politics and let the man talk to you with a common sense that is all together foreign in this day and age.

First, we have Dr. Ron Paul discussing the success of his internet media campaign, quite possibly the first time an election has utilized the tools of the web, on a large scale, as a primary means of reaching out to the American people:

Next up, a two-fold view on the American economy, representing Dr. Paul’s critical foundation towards financial stability and preserving the (currently falling) value of the American dollar. The first shows his views on American fiscal policy and the second, relating to what we can all get behind – the abolishment of the IRS. If you’re wondering how on earth we can abolish IRS, you need to understand the difference between direct taxation and indirect taxation. Our country can actually survive on indirect taxation alone – that’s how taxation in America began and there was never an intention of going to an direct taxation system, such as the IRS like we have today. Watch the late Aaron Russo’s America: From Freedom to Fascism for more information about this.

As the only physician that’s running for President, Dr. Paul has some refreshing views on how to handle our failing, corporate-run healthcare system. The gamut of healthcare is not just between socialized medicine or privatized, for-profit corporate-moguls who’s interest is reaping every dollar they can out of American wallets.

Then there’s the billions of dollars that we waste, every year, on failed entitlement systems. You need to wake up and realize that you are not ENTITLED to anything other than life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. With those freedoms alone, we will take care of our own because we LOVE and because we can afford it, not because a government insists on robbing Peter to pay Paul. If everyone has a lower level of taxation and we follow Dr. Paul’s healthcare plans, we’ll be able to provide for our own. He wouldn’t strip programs for the disabled and other critical programs – but the abuse of our current entitlement systems are a huge financial burden for the poor and middle class.

Then, of course, there my hot-button topic…the erosion of American freedom and the battle we’re waging RIGHT NOW to preserve our civil liberties. It seems that Dr. Paul is the only candidate wise enough to see the importance of civil liberty and certainly the only one that makes freedom the core of their campaign.

And you can’t go without discussing gun rights. Gun rights were never established so we could “pop a cap in your ass” or wage gun-battles in America’s schools. Just because there are violators of law (which there always are and always will be, people), doesn’t mean we should disarm the American people. Frankly, if more people had guns, there would be LESS crime…we can’t rely on police that are MINUTES away to protect us from threats that are happening NOW. Not just that, but a disarmed people opens the door to a totalitarian government with nothing to stop them from throwing any man, woman or child into political prisons, or much worse, the hijacking of what was once a great country for the purpose of wielding great power.

So, there you have it. A Ron Paul video extravaganza! Break free of the political mind-prison that is being constructed for you on the television and other media outlets. Consider out future, for a change…consider your freedom of choice. Reach deep down and find the patriot within you…stand up and fight for liberty. America may never be free again if we don’t fight for it.

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